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Agile is dead? No! It’s just not for everybody!

Agility & Culture | 30 min | Deutsch


It’s all over the news: Agile is dead! At the same time, IT departments struggle to work in an agile way in both projects and operations. What are the reasons for the media to announce the death of what is just starting to happen in most of Enterprise IT? Let’s find out in which environments agile works and what are the real agile killers! Learn from our experience and our most notable fuck-ups of agile adoption. After this session, you will be better equipped while you are using agile methods to improve your daily work, not to follow the hype. There is a value, and we show you where it lies and how to unlock it. Agile is not dead. It needs a revival.


Nico Schilling

Nordcloud Deutschland GmbH

Nico Schilling is a tech enthusiast with over ten years of experience in the IT consulting business. His way is from typical monolithic applications to small event-driven architectures. From pure waterfall to agile projects. And everything in between. 2018 he joined Nordcloud as Cloud Solution Architect.

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