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Developing a Stable and Long-lived System on a Global Scale at METRO

IT Engineering & Architecture | Vortrag | 60 min | Englisch


The ‘Sales and More’ team is developing a system for the internal sales force at METRO. As our system grew from a few users to a global scale and is still functionally evolving, our practices and architecture had to adapt to these changing requirements too. I want to share our learnings from and approaches to typical challenges we faced along the way.

Topics to be touched:

  • Our approach to architecture and how it fits into the bigger picture
  • Balancing features and technical improvements
  • Viral application rollout
  • Our development practices
  • Communication between services
  • Creating resilience for happy users

Daniel Löffelholz

As Consultant, Developer and Tech Lead I’m supporting clients and teams with the delivery of scalable, mostly distributed systems on an enterprise scale.


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