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Keynote: Culture of Innovation at Amazon

Keynote | 60 min | Englisch


I will reveal the secrets how innovation works at Amazon. We look at the company level but also on technical level. Let me show you if and how we really use microservices, and what culture, principles and mechanisms it takes for Amazon Web Services.

Frank Munz

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Frank Munz works as a Senior Technical Evangelist for Amazon Web Services. He is an expert in middleware and distributed computing…
Frank earned a Ph.D. in computer science from the Technische Universität München with summa cum laude for his work on distributed computing and brain research. He published more than 20 peer reviewed scientific papers in computer science and medicine.

Frank worked as a data scientist for a research group that won the nobel prize in medicine for linking the HPV virus to cancer. He loves distributed infrastructure and built HPC Linux cluster for modelling brain function when Linux was still considered the work of the devil.

In 2011 Frank received the Oracle Technologist of the Year award for cloud computing. Frank was honored as Oracle ACE Director by Oracle in 2013 and Developer Champion in 2017.

Frank is the published author of several top selling computer science books. He loves to talk about IT, technology, and science and frequently speaks at conferences all over the world.


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