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Unslack yourself: YOUR data, YOUR it-silo, YOUR terms – ChatOps with Mattermost

Bots & Language Assistants | Vortrag | 60 min | Englisch


Services like Slack, Gitter or Discord have shown users how to build easy accessible solutions for real time communication needs. They do have a downside though (apart from constant distraction), they are cloud-based applications and if a vendor decided to discontinue a certain third-party access (like recently happened to IRC and Jabber access in Slack) then you can complain, but in the end have to live with the decision the external provider made for you. There are multiple projects that aim on providing you with a “self-hosted Slack”, after evaluation Mattermost was our choice in providing our customers with a Chatops solution that can run under the the customers terms.

Felix Bartels

Kopano b.v.

Felix is an avid forum user, a tv and movie junkie and a fan of having the right tool for the job. Over the last ten years he has been deeply connected to our partners and customers as sales expert, professional services engineer and product-owner. His experience and analytical skill makes him the perfect Release & QA Manager. He’s deeply involved with the further development of Kopano Core, the Kopano OL Extension and the Z-Push project.


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