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Why you should choose Kotlin for Native Android Development

Frameworks, Programming Languages & Tools | Vortrag | 60 min | Englisch

MO | 10:00 | ALTE LIEBE

Kotlin is a great programming language from JetBrains, the maker of the world’s best IDEs. In this presentation, I would try to show you the biggest advantages (in my opinion) of a great programming language – Kotlin for Android development. While comparing it with previous Android language (JAVA) I will demonstrate (with Code Snippets) how Kotlin is plus in readability, having elegant solutions of Java’s biggest issues, and the vast amount of features that we won’t see in Java anytime soon and many more. In short, we will have the whole picture of Kotlin starting from its History till Kotin in the future.

Salman Nazir


Salman is a dynamic and competent mobile software engineer from Pakistan, equipped with the latest tools, techniques and knowledge, and has been enriching COYO for 8 months. His knowledge of the latest technologies makes him a valuable resource for our company.

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