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Applying blockchain technology to real-world use cases

Blockchain | Vortrag | 60 min | Englisch


Have you experienced this before: you took the day off to receive a parcel that has been promised for today. At the end of the day you receive an e-mail stating that the delivery service didn’t reach you at home. Blockchain technologies have the power to fundamentally solve the issue and open completely new possibilities.

In this talk we’ll present our findings and the prototype that we’ve built to solve this issue of “last mile” delivery services. We’ve combined NFC technology, IoT devices, a self-hosted Ethereum blockchain, and a web interface for interacting with the user.
Through our presentation we hope to inspire practical exploration of blockchain technology in real-world use cases and integrating it with other technologies.

Jan Christoph Ebersbach


Co-Vortragende: Leutrim Mustafa, Noah Winneberger

Jan Christoph Ebersbach is a senior project and product manager with 10 years industry experience. He’s passionate about open source software and its application in enterprise environments. Since 2018 he’s leading the project management at CHAINSTEP GmbH and focuses on bringing blockchain technology to the real economy.
Leutrim Mustafa has a master’s degree in mechatronics and several years of experience in prototype development. His main competences are the development of security applications based on NFC, RFID and V2X communication technologies.
Noah Winneberger is a leading blockchain engineer with several years of experience in developing prototypes with different distributed ledger technologies. His passion lies with developing software solutions for an IoT infrastructure based on blockchain enabling the autonomous machine to machine environment of the future.


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