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Convince management of using Kotlin

IT-Engineering & Digital Transformation | 30 min | Englich

Fr | 12:00 | ALTE LIEBE

Kotlin is a great language! You have used it in your private projects, you love it, and you want to use it at work. But your manager has never heard of it, doesn’t like the “hype” or simply says no?
This talk is for you! Together, we will find out what you can do to convince management to use Kotlin (or any technology in general).


Daniel Bunte

Alphabrik GmbH

Daniel Bunte loves programming. That’s why he taught himself coding at the age of 10. In the late 90’ies, he discovered web-design as his profession. Later, in 2008, he switched to professional software development. Daniel has experience in many languages like Kotlin, Java, PHP, C#, TypeScript, and more. He has been working in industries like e-commerce, consulting, and gaming. Today, Daniel is the Head of Software Development at Alphabrik, a software company based in Hamburg, Germany. Daniel’s coding and leadership principles were influenced by the Arbinger Institute, ThoughtWorks, Kent Beck, and Robert C. Martin.
Besides software development, his interests are gaming, aviation (simulator), and outdoor activities.

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