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Kubernetes for Non-Coders

DevOps | Vortrag | 30 min | Englisch

MO | 11:00 | Sommersalon

Kubernetes may have crossed the chasm for coders, but achieving support for the transition towards enterprise-wide adoption of a cloud native approach is still in its infancy. For developers, the benefits of a cloud native approach are quickly clear. However, these advantages are not as readily apparent to people who don’t code – yet those same people usually hold decision making and budgetary power. This talk seeks to explain the what, why, and business benefits of being Kubernetes and cloud native technology without diving into code.
The talk gives a history of cloud native technology using metaphors that work outside of the command line, explains how Kubernetes ties IT together today, and finishes with the business case for non-IT departments to support this transition. Audience members will learn how to explain Kubernetes and cloud native technologies to non-coders and give the business case for a cloud native approach at the organizational level.

Bill Mulligan

Loodse GmbH

On his first day of work at his previous company, Bill was told to set up a Kubernetes cluster without knowing how to even pronounce Kubernetes. Many blog posts, youtube videos, and errors later, Bill has successfully been able to explain Kubernetes to even his grandmother. He currently works at Loodse to help anyone, anywhere have a Kubernetes cluster in one click.


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