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Real-User Monitoring & Real-Time Dashboards for E-Commerce Websites

Cloud, Container & Orchestrierung | 30 min | Englisch


Users leave when page loads take too long. This simple fact has complex implications on online businesses everywhere, since page speed is hardwired to user satisfaction, conversion rates, and ultimately business success. But do you know the average load time for your users? How is it correlated to your conversion rate? And is it better or worse for mobile users?

In this talk, we recount our journey from a custom-built and ETL-heavy log analysis pipeline to a continuous analytics dashboard with sub-minute latency built on AWS services.

To provide a relatable end-to-end example, we first describe our real-user monitoring pipeline from (1) data collection in the client and CDN over (2) data ingestion in Kinesis to (3) storage in S3. We then present our initial batch-based analytics approach using AWS Athena and its evolution to a purely stream-based solution built on Flink. Finally, we drill into the visualization part and discuss the data layout and query design in our live dashboard powered by Elasticsearch and Kibana.


Wolfram Wingerath


Wolfram „Wolle“ Wingerath was born in 1988 in the arguably most beautiful corner of Germany (in the north). During his PhD studies at the University of Hamburg, he conceived the scalable design behind the real-time query engine of the Backend-as-a-Service platform Baqend. In doing so, Wolle not only developed a solid background in real-time databases, but also in related technologies such as data stream processing, NoSQL systems, cloud computing, and Big Data analytics. Since January 2018, Wolle has been working full-time as a data engineer at Baqend where he is now responsible for all matters related to data analysis and real-time data processing. Since Wolle is always keen to see new faces and because he likes to exchange ideas and experiences with others, he frequently speaks at developer and research conferences to present the things he cares about.

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