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Klubhaus St. Pauli und Schmidt Theater in Hamburg

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Remote First: Our Exciting Journey Towards a Truly International and Distributed Company

Collaboration & New Work | Vortrag | 30 min | Deutsch


In 2016, my co-founder and I founded Loodse in Hamburg-Barmbek. Meanwhile, our team has grown to over 35 people with the majority working from remote places: from Berlin and Munich to Chisinau, Bangalore and the San Francisco Bay area. In this presentation, I’ll talk about why we believe in remote first, how we do it at Loodse, and what challenges we encounter(ed) along the way.

Julian Hansert

Loodse GmbH

Julian Hansert is the co-founder and COO of Loodse. With Loodse, he wants to empower IT teams to focus on their core expertise: writing groundbreaking applications. Julian is passionate about the potential of Kubernetes, his racing bike and flat jokes on Friday.


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