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Transforming a web only platform to a modern mobile multi-tier ecosystem

Mobile & Web Development | 60 min | Englisch

FR | 10:00 | HÄKKEN

In this session we will present the architectural journey the Tipp24 platform took in order to support the business adding multiple technologies and marketing channels to the Tipp24 portfolio.

We will highlight key achievements, but also major challenges during the transition and their impact on the mobile development of the Tipp24 apps. We will focus on our SDK based development structure which allows us to create multi-brand, multi-tier apps in a scalable way on a single code repository. On top we will talk about microservices, domain driven design, dedicated vs integrated mobile development and take a high-level look on technologies such as wrapper apps vs hybrid apps vs full native development and their pros and cons.

Martin K. Lotto24 – techcamp Hamburg

Martin Klöppner

Lotto24 AG

Martin joined Lotto24 2016 as mobile developer. Today he leads two teams for our webshop and mobile frontend development. He had major impact for transforming JSF based web-architecture to a mobile friendly eco-system of the Tipp24 platform. In his spare time Martin enjoys cloud technologies and is very active in supporting kids learning coding with Minecraft.

Lotto24 is Germany’s leading provider of state-licensed lotteries via the Internet ( & running a state of the art single-page application, multi-branded native apps and scalable micro-components within a microservice environment.

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